Attendance & Leave Management Systems:-is a Web-Based Attendance & Leave Management Systems for your computer and clients. With the help of this Software, the Management of an organization can manage to Automate employee attendance with respect to Overtime, Grace Periods, Breaks, Shifts, Flexitime, and OutDoor Duty (OD) / Approvals.

Attendance & Leave Management Systems:-has a Web-Based two-tier architecture i.e. it refers to client/server architectures in which the user interface runs on the client and the database is stored on the server, where here we term the CLIENT as EMPLOYEE OF ORGANISATION and SERVER as MANAGEMENT OF ORGANISATION.

Objectives of Attendance & Leave Management Systems:-

  • The main objective of the Attendance Management system is to assist your HR / Time Office and Payroll Department to become more efficient.
  • Automate employee attendance with respect to Overtime, Grace Periods, Breaks, Shifts, Flexitime and Out Door Duty (OD) / Approvals.
  • User-definable policies such as Exceptions, Deduction, Comp Off, and Overtime can be defined as per your requirements.
  • Moreover, you can track exceptions based on employee attendance with the following parameters - Unscheduled Absence, Early In, In Late, Out Early, Out Late, etc.

Work Flow for Software :-

In Attendance & Leave Management Systems the Client will have full control of the web-based application and the following are the features of the same:-

  • Attendance Management: capture attendance from mobile apps, computer laptop/desktop, swipe card reader, biometric readers - all at one centralized place.
  • Leave Management (apply for leaves, approve leaves, track leaves from web and mobile, supports flexible organization-specific leave rules and policies).

Note:- The mentioned heads are imaginary, we will customizing as per the Customer needs too.

Work Flow for Employees of Organisation :-

In Attendances & Leave Management Systems the Employee of Company can log in to their Unique Login’s given to them and can view their attendance of the particular month they specify.

Please check the screen shot below :

The employee will also have a provision to view their Leave slips They applied below is screen shots attached :

The below Screen shot is an example of the Leave slips generated by our Attendances & Leave Management Systems.

Note: - The Mentioned Fields in the screenshot can be customized too.

Advantages of Attenedance & Leave Management Systems :

  • Maintains all records in a centralized manner, thus ease the task of tracking leaves & attendance.
  • Manages different leave types, leave the history of all employees.
  • Support distributed business units.
  • Support an unlimited number of users and user groups.
  • Upload and download information adds flexibility to work.
  • Email notification services on the leaves process.
  • Manages different user roles.
  • Assign accessibility and accessing security, and many more.

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