Website Design and Development for Seminary and Conferences

Seminars and conferences have a greater purpose to serve. They help sharing knowledge and new ideas and things to the people. If you are planning a seminar or conference in times to come, give it an online presence.

Get a Seminar Website Today. Get Noticed To The World

V2Web is a leading website designing and web development company offering a wide range of seminar websites. So far we have delivered more than 400+ websites that represent seminars and conferences in better light. These websites put an emphasis on the culture surrounding them. It’s not just about talking with people attending conferences.
Specialty of Conference Websites We Offer:
• Unique scrolling technique to inform visitors about seminar
• Information about events during events
• Listing of the speakers
• Online space booking
• Seminar management dashboard
• Online role management
• Complete alumni module
These websites comprise following modules to enable complete seminar management:
• Seminar Consultation
• Seminar and conferences planning
• Seminar Implementation
• Seminar Monitoring

Don’t Drain Out Investment On Resources, Go Virtual

You may have an awesome development arrangement, yet it needs great venture and asset. Business enlargement and staff extension specifically affects your business spending plan. Be that as it may, in case you’re committed to amplify gainfulness and efficiency without straining your financial plan, our virtual asset procuring administrations will help you. We have been in the matter of committed asset contracting subsequent to over 10 years. Our group of specialists obliges the poor associations that need particular assets to satisfy their business necessities.

On the off chance that you are a developing association taking a gander at quality assets, V2Web is here to offer assistance. In this way, we have served various first rate business associations in meeting their virtual human asset requirements for their IT wanders. Being a specialist in the virtual contracting process, we utilize demonstrated techniques to shortlist applicants and isolate them further on the premise of aptitudes, experience and introduction. Along these lines, we convey just the best appropriate possibility to you who suits in spending plan and prerequisites.

What We Offer
We choose from a large pool of dedicated and skilled virtual resources who will dedicatedly work for your projects. We have a talented resource pool for the following:
• iOS Developers
• Web Development Professionals
• Web Designers/Developers
• Graphic Designers
• Google Certified Adwords Professionals
• SEO analysts
• WordPress Developers

How You Benefit:
We have a competent team of recruiters who have access to resources. They identify and process candidates faster and more efficiently. They filter and attract candidates from a number of industry specific sources and then identify candidates who have the requisite qualifications our customers need.
• Large database of qualified manpower
• Expert recruitment team at work
• Customer Oriented Approach & Commitment.
• Personalized virtual hiring services
• Quality Assurance
To know more on our virtual hiring services, give us a call now.

Developing Solid Content Writing Strategy Like A Pro

Content strategy revolves around planning, development, distribution, and governance of content. Content not only contains the terms on the page but also pictures and multi-media that are used. Guaranteeing that you have useful and useful content that is well organized and easily found is fundamental to helping the consumer experience of a website.
The goal of content strategy is to create significant, natural, interesting, and maintainable content . Gaining an online following begins with determining accurately who your viewers is. No matter how smartly you choose subjects or clever your means of marketing, if you aren’t discussing your reader’s terminology your concept will absolutely be missing in interpretation.
What places major online communicators apart is the capability to provide appropriate composing in a way that’s as enjoyable as it is informative. Anyone can simply rehash the newest subjects or dryly discuss analysis and views. It’s when writing shows a unique viewpoint and character that you build a relationship with visitors that keeps them returning. By weaving your ideas and ideas into fascinating experiences or enjoyable experiences, you can successfully increase easy reach by giving visitors something they enjoy and are more prepared to successfully pass.
Whether you are appealing understanding of trading stocks or putting fun at superstar actions, set up high requirements in making sure your writing always provides. Do your research and trim on areas of to pack your content with appropriate, well-supported points. By giving visitors information that are appropriate and workable, you strengthen your place as a reference worth switching to time and again.
• Set up believe in by discussing from power, support up your claims with carefully examined information.
• Build commitment by providing ideas that can be put into practice, whether your advice focuses on personal finance, effective time management, or professional development.
Writing excellent content is a choice. You can decide to put in plenty of efforts and work required to create excellent content and build an excellent brand. Or you can decide to take the easy direction and write inadequate content – a direction that eventually will get you nowhere. It will only result in pointless, energy and sources.
If you are writing unique content, Google will help your site get more visibility. For example, Google has made it simply that they do not like and will punish websites with copy content. Put another way, Google wants to compensate top quality websites that contain unique content. So not only does great content make a better web page, it also enhances your site’s positions, which can have a very beneficial effect on your business. For more visit v2web.

Breed Cloud Web Hosting Plans at V2Web

“V2Web delivers a wide range of cloud web hosting plans with guaranteed server up time and service credibility to enable global businesses having an opportunity and advantage over the competitive business market place”.

All the feature rich and Linux based cloud web hosting plans are packaged to fulfill the growing web hosting requirements of the global business houses with comfort and convenience. These cloud web hosting plans are highly innovative and creatively best for those businesses that want to have dependable network, fully compatible servers and higher bandwidth collectively.
To support the global business presence motives of the online businesses, v2web offers a vibrantly wide string of customized unlimited shared Windows web hosting plans in the most pocket friendly price tag ever possible.
V2Web’s Windows Hosting plans start with a disk space of 100 MB and goes up to 5000 MB. Offerings even include a number of utilities and add-ons you can rely on. These features include:
• Unlimited Web Space on Cloud
• More CPU Compute Resources
• Free Static IP & SSL Certificate
• High Quality & ZERO Downtime
• 100% Assured Up-time (With SLA)
• WHM (Reseller Hosting Panel)
• Unlimited cPanels (Clients Panel)
• Create your own Packages
• Suspend/Delete/Modify Accounts
• Keeps You In Full Control

Taxes for ecommerce business India

The two noteworthy types of E-Commerce are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). While the greater part of the organizations cooks for the most part to buyers, alternate organizations may give merchandise and administrations only to different organizations. For an E-Com. organization, deals happen basically in two structures. In the most fundamental frame, these organizations offer a stage where the purchaser meets the dealer on the site. Dealers are traders who showcase their items on the site of the E-Com. This is another occasion of ecommerce organizations confronting the warmth from states over expense issues. Karnataka proposes to force a 1% esteem included expense deducted at source all installments to merchants in the state by ecommerce firms, a move eagerly contradicted by the business.
Ecommerce organizations are not conveying high esteem things in UP and Uttarakhand. The three online commercial centers have practically quit conveying items surpassing Rs 5,000 in worth to clients in UP and Uttarakhand, referring to badgering by assessment powers over a structure that purchasers are required to outfit when obtaining products from different states. In spite of the fact that the guideline is relevant to all, ecommerce organizations that don’t have satisfaction focuses or utilize merchants from outside the states have started to confront the warmth. For More visit v2web.

How Google Tax effect online advertisement revenues from India

Google tax was main focus at taxing online digital portals that get significant online advertisement revenues from India. It was offer as a withholding tax wherein the Indian company which makes the payment to the global portal has to withhold the tax. The motive is to indirectly tax internet giants for money they make from Indian advertisers, by imposing a levy on the payments these advertisers make. An equalisation levy–a deduction of 6% to be made by an Indian payer on payments to an offshore entity for specified B2B services such as advertising–has been introduced in the Budget.

Equalisation levy – The levy looks at gather taxes from online advertising companies in a very indirect, roundabout way that has the potential to backfire. Equalisation levy of 6% to be withheld by an Indian resident engaged in business or profession against yearly payment of more than Rs 1 lakh in aggregate to non-resident entities for specified digital services. “If you take for example, an Indian company that has to pay a foreign e-commerce company Rs. 10 lakhs for online advertisements. With the 6% levy, the Indian company will pay the foreign one, Rs, 9, 40,000 instead. The other Rs. 60,000 will go to the government,”.

The tax has been focus at technology companies that make money via online advertisements. Their credit is mostly routed to a tax haven country. This expense will bring the said organizations under the assessment radar in India. With this new expense, India has additionally joined the rundown of other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and European nations where a comparable duty is as of now set up. The levy will come into effect for transactions worth over Rs 1 lakh annually. While the levy is currently limited to digital advertising and marketing companies.