Citrus Hotels is Developing Citrus Culture with the help of Social Media platform by v2web

Client Profile

Citrus Hotels has more than 15 hotels across 10 destinations to choose from for a comfortable stay for travelers.

Skill Sets Provided

Social media platform, content management system, employee management model, knowledge sharing model, customized survey model, internal messaging model.

Major Challenges

  • To develop employee culture
  • To share the information effectively in a faster way within organization setting at various location.


It has been 6 years since Citrus Hotels is involved with v2web. On a day of meeting, MD of the Hotel comes with an idea of investing in developing a culture where they can have a unique social microcosm, moral code and reward and recognition structure that connects them to a true team like environment.

V2web built a social media platform for the client which is only restricted to employees where they can create an online community to share their social media practice across the organization. The purpose of using internal social networking platforms is to streamline goals and energize employees to actively participate in the organization’s affairs

For example, employee can post a new on social media during an event as it is happening, keeping everyone in the group up to date.


It has been a fantastic experience. This idea of internal social platform leads to success on different levels for company, including the all-important profitability metric. Citrus Hotels found that communicating their values through videos, social media posts and other content, it kept them in our day-to-day conversations and helped them to celebrate their work and actions.


  • Integrity in business
  • Growth orientation within the organization
  • Privacy and collaboration that make people “feel good” about working
  • Vision and values
  • Personal branding