Project Management Information Systems:-is a Web-Based Project Management System for your computer and clients. With the help of this Software, the Management of an organization can manage to Automate projects management concerning No. of time any concerned team member spend on a particular project, no. of hours, project details & descriptions, project assigned time & date, etc all the task related to a particular project to meet the predefined deadlines.


  • The main objective of the Projects Management system is to keep track of the schedule of team and project time spend on particular projects as per the development plan & delivery schedule of particular projects to make work flow more efficient.
  • Automate employee tasks concerning project name, work scope, time spend on a particular day enabling admin /management to provide complete information related to projects.
  • User-definable policies such as time management, project deadlines, Delivery time management, and Project trackers can be defined as per your requirements.

Work Flow for Software

In Project Management Systems the Client will have full control of the web-based application and the following are the features of the same:-

  • Project Management System: Admin can view the list of the hours spent on the particular project as per the project as well as per the assigned team member - at one centralized place either by Employee Track or by project name.

Work Flow for Employees

In Project Management Systems the Employee of Company can login to their Unique Login’s given to them and can update their tasks of the particular day for the project they specify.

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