The common mistakes that people make with Digital Transformation

Do you think it is possible to grow a business and clock in huge revenues without having a digital presence in todays time?

NO WAYS! A website, social media pages, Google ads, reviews, or an Instagram account has to be a part of the overall marketing strategy. And this holds for businesses across all sectors.

Over the past few years, many people have shifted to online platforms for every need. Therefore it is crucial that digital marketing becomes an integral part of the marketing plan. It is a great way to accelerate the goals. Businesses now know how important it is to have digital channels to reach new clients and retain old customers. Yet, many do not have a well-chalked-out plan for a digital transformation that aid in the company’s growth and retaining audiences online. Website or Blog designing, E-mail Marketing Services, search engine marketing, website maintenance, or Social Media marketing have become a must-have to grow in the digital space. With noted players like v2Web that offer all these future-ready and robust web solutions & technologies, growth in the digital business world has become easier. But still, there are a few key mistakes that businesses make while going through a digital transformation:

1) No clear goals

The objectives and goals need to be set out very clearly for a digital transformation. When these two key parameters are not defined, then the digital transformation ends up being a failure. The goals must be well-articulated, properly understood, in sync with the transformation strategy, and easily achievable. The employees must understand its importance and allow it to sync well with the business goals.

2) Proper IT skills

Lack of expertise in the IT segment can lead to an unsuccessful digital transformation and lead to a great loss of revenues. Therefore, businesses must partner with a digital expert with the appropriate tools, capabilities, and talent for digital transformation.

3) Lack of leadership

Digital transformation needs to be implemented throughout the organization. However, it will not be possible without an able leadership who is passionate and committed to this transformation. Top management needs to set a clear vision and be involved in this digital transformation journey.

4) Not knowing the customers

You must not carry out the digital transformation very quickly. It must consider the customers needs at every step. Only focusing on technology will never help. The team must know about the customer demands, and the approach needs to be customer-centric.

5) Setting up a budget

A lot of digital transformation initiatives are not a success owing to budget constraints. Poor budgeting can lead to unexpected costs and draining of necessary resources. As the digital transformation process is long and time-consuming, proper planning, budgeting, and prioritizing are needed to avoid unnecessary wastage of funds. Therefore, you must consider a few options before finalizing the digital partner for the company.

7) Not studying the data

Businesses undergoing digital transformation generally do not use the valuable insights collected through surveys, polls, social media comments, and reviews. The data needs to be explored, managed, and used properly to drive the digital transformation initiatives.

8) Setting unrealistic deadlines

Setting unrealistic deadlines for the digital transformation does not work, as it is a continuous and slow process that takes months or years to develop. Instead, to keep the digital transformation going, set short-term goals so that you can manage the deliverables smoothly.


Businesses have turned towards digital transformation in the past few years. But the process is not easy. However, choosing the right partner to do so, setting the right digital initiatives, and avoiding these common issues can result in success. Before embarking on the journey, you must set the approach correct, find the best expert to assist you, set out the interim goals, and reap the benefits in the long term.