Website Penetration Testing and How it is Important for Digital Marketing

What is Website Penetration Testing?

Website Penetration testing is kind of a security exercise that companies perform as an attempt to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the computer system. The purpose of penetration testing is to identify any weak spots in a systems defenses that hackers or attackers can take advantage of. Due to the increase in cyberattacks and as companies have moved to the digital realm, companies are investing more and more resources than ever to safeguard the systems from reputational and financial losses.

One of the most used security testing techniques is web application penetration testing, the pen test, or pen-testing.

Now, when it comes to digital marketing, penetration testing becomes more important as it makes sure that computer systems remain secure from hackers trying to destroy information networks. And as most of the digital marketing work happens online, theres no other way left with marketers other than safeguarding their products.

Here are a few reasons why and how Penetration testing is important for digital marketing

Gives your Website extreme protection

In order to successfully run the online marketing business, you need to have protection for your strategy from online con artists. A website with very basic standard security protocols is very easy to target and hackers and cybercriminals can easily manipulate the data. This way, any malware or unauthorized object can easily get access to your highly confidential cyber data. In this case, you need to have the two-ways authentication that will not only improve the security of your website but also gives your a secure run over your data.

Protects your email

Emails are the prime drivers of business for any online marketing company, thus, securing them holds even more importance. Phishing and email interceptions are very common these days and are widely used by hackers to spread malware. For this, it’s so important to be able to differentiate between legitimate emails and phishing emails to avoid falling into such traps

A very common malware that cybercriminals use through emails is ransomware. Thus, digital marketers should not overlook the need for cybersecurity especially when it comes to having detrimental effects on business through cyber attacks.

Protection of social media accounts

Anyone whos into the online business understands the value social media accounts hold in ramping up the business. Social media platforms are considered one of the most important weapons in running any online business. Like emails, social media platforms are used extensively in digital marketing and need to be highly secured from hackers. This is the reason why they are always on the radar of cyber con artists.

Final Take

Now that you know how crucial penetration testing is for your digital marketing business, having a cybersecurity solution alongside provides a two-factor authentication extra layer. V2web is one such web hosting platform that safeguards you from any undesired activity that can affect your business credibility and loyalty.