5 Advantages of Angular.JS for Web Development

This is the era of ecommerce and internet and increasing number of companies are understanding the need to go online for promoting their business.This is the era of ecommerce and internet and increasing number of companies are understanding the need to go online for promoting their business. According to new survey there are almost 876 million websites all over the globe. However, there are a plenty of web development frameworks accessible. So, for web development developers will have to pick right framework.
Presently, Angular.JS has created a lot of buzz when it comes to enterprise application development. AngularJS has increased significant footing in the realm of web development in the past few years. Many enterprises are now starting to embrace AngularJS as a practical decision for new projects that are outside of the domain of greenfield improvement.
If you’re interested in AngularJS for your own purposes, here is why enterprises are embracing it for responsive web application development.

1) Augmented Security:

Many enterprises are worried that the presentation of new technology will also introduce new security holes to their IT infrastructure. Fortunately, this worry isn’t as impactful with regards to the Angular environment. Angular.JS uses web services or RESTful API as HTTPS interface to communicate with servers for presenting the data. Therefore, all an enterprise needs to do is follow the good security measures to secure an AngularJS application that you are already following.

2) Flawless Access Management:

Certainly, many enterprises are worried that when it comes to augmenting an application for the use of AngularJS is whether it can utilize existing security procedures to maintain the level-of-access restrictions as mandated by departmental guidelines. Fortunately, because of the adaptability of AngularJS, there are numerous choices that you can exploit to incorporate the current area frameworks into the security stream and login of the application.

3) Speed up the Development:

Responsive web app development takes time, but with Angular.js, developers wont require much time to code the entire application. The reason is two way data binding and data saving onto server can be done in few lines of code. Thus data binding is one of the most imposing features of the AngularJS Technology.

4) Convenient Testing:

During web development or after web development, testing the web performance, distinguishing any mistake and tending to the same is must for business development. Angular.JS provides support to both end-to- end and unit testing. The testing is made simple and adaptable at any development level.

5) Easy Collaboration:

Angular.JS allows for easy collaboration with other people. Angular.JS use MVC approach that enable developers to think in terms of object oriented design that are easy to learn and use for the vast majority of web developers


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