Google Introduces Plugin “Site Kit” for WordPress

With the various SEO and Google Analytics plugins available for WordPress, Google just introduced their own plugin called “Site Kit” for webmasters. The plugin will allow users to access website information in Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights from the WordPress admin panel. If you want to easily understand about audience and revenue performance, the “Site Kit” is just an absolute.

With Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.”

With Site Kit, you can get authoritative and up-to-date recommendations straight from Google. Site Kit will show main metrics and insights from four different Google products:

Search Console

Site Kit will show users on how Google systems discovered and furnish the page and give you an insight, along with the searched keywords.


With Site Kit users can navigate to a page on their website and click on the Site Kit button in the admin panel to see analytics or stats for that particular page.


AdSense income would now be able to be seen specifically from the WordPress dashboard. If the user’s website is earning low, it will give you moment suggestion to increase income continuously.

PageSpeed Insight

Since site speed is currently a positioning element, the PageSpeed Insight highlight will give website admins actionable tips to enhance a website’s performance for better search engine ranking.

Get Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress

Google hasn’t released the plugin for download yet as it’s still a work in progress. However, those who are interested can join the Beta program here. Google will release Site Kit to beta testers in early 2019.



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