Simplifying The Attendance Management

ALMS is a highly accurate, advanced and user-centric Time and Attendance management system meant for businesses seeking successful management of real-time attendance and leave management within organizations. With utilities like simple report generation and attendance calendar, it provide complete view of attendance sheet including comprehensive details about in-time, out-time, total working hours, status and credits if any. Not only it improves entire attendance management procedure but also ensures blunder-free and exact data processing. These benefits include:

In-time/ Out time Management
Holiday management schedules to manage paid leaves and earned leaves
A comprehensive shift management to manage employee shifts
Working Hour Management
Manual punch-in/Punch-out Management
Overtime Management
Credit Value Calculation

Although ALMS has a number of striking abilities to offer to the HR processes across the business domain, yet it costs less than you spend on your coffee. It goes somewhere on Rs 5 per employee per day i.e. for 10 employees it comes across 1500 INR. Subscribe our affordable ALMS today.
We have our esteemed Client who endorse and use ALMS as a major component in their respective HR departments. Find the list of the clients where our attendance management system is installed and used successfully.


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